ApplicationsChemical corrosion and fouling in medium temperature applications < 450º (850ºF)

Combustion fumes condensation: (Heat recovery and gas cleaning)

  • Nitric Acid Condensers.
  • Refinery And Petrochem heat exchangers.
  • Overhead Sulphur Condensers.
  • Heat Recovery Sistems in General

Relevant Cearamic Coating Properties:

  • Glassy  Surfaces with very low roughness = little or no adherence of fouling.
  • Water Pressure Cleaning Resistance up to 2,300 bar. (36,260,00 psi)
  • Chemical Resistance:
    • Hot & Cold Acids – Except HF.
      • Sulfur and Sulfate.
      • Nitric.
      • Chloride.
    • Hot & Cold Alkalis – Except concentrate (OH)Na & (OH)K.
    • Water Hot & Steam.
    • High concentration Salt Water.

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