PropertiesChemical corrosion resistance

Crevice Corrosion Resistance ASTM G48A Method B-Ferric Chloride Crevice Corrosion Test

Stainless Steel

Ceramic Coating

Pitting Corrosion Resistance ASTM G48A Method A-Ferric Chloride Pitting test

10% FeCl3 Stainless Steel Ceramic Coating
0h (25 ºC)
72h (50 ºC)
Weight Loss (g/m2) > 700 ≈ 0

Seawater Corrosion Resistance (Offshore)


  • Solution: 3,5% NaCl at 22 ⁰C
  • Visual inspection after test
Seawater Corrosion Test
0 h
1,000 h
16,000 h & GOING

Molten salt Corrosion Resistance


  • Molten salt composition: NaNO3 + KNO3 (60/40)
  • 46 cycles HEATING (8 hours at 400ºC)/Cooling
Initial test
After 46 cycles /
Before cleaning
After 46 cycles /
Surface clean

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