PropertiesOther important properties


  • LUBRICITY: Low friction applications.
  • ADHESION: Resistance to damage by impact, torsion, bending or heat shock.
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: Not fracture due to impact (Depending conditions)
  • FLEXIBILITY: Good flexibility and adhesion when applied to thin metal substrates.
  • STIFFENING: Because of its low ductility and intimate bond.
  • THICKNESS: Wide range of thickness.


  • RESISTANCE TO THERMAL OXIDATION/CORROSION: Provide both protection of the metal and ease of cleaning.
  • THERMAL STABILITY: Ability to withstand intermittent or prolonged heat.
  • THERMAL EXPANSION: Designed to be the same as the substrate.
  • EMISSIVITY: Power of a surface to release heat by radiation.
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: Thermal Conductivity Range ≈ 5-8 W/mK // Average (reference) ≈ 6 W/mK.


  • DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: Normal is 200 to 500 volts/mil.
  • DIELECTRIC CONSTANT: At 400-cycles per second and at room temperature, the dielectric constant is in the range of 6 to 12.
  • DISSIPATION FACTOR: At 400-cycles per second and room temperature, the dissipation factor is about 1 or 2%.

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